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SVS uPVC Casing Pipes

SVS uPVC Casing Pipe is one the most preferred product for supporting domestic, irrigation, industrial & mining bore wells, keeping out the gravel pack and foreign particles, thus providing clean and clear water from the bore wells. SVS uPVC casing pipe offers high strength & durability at economical, farmer friendly prices. SVS Group also manufacturers Agriculture uPVC pipes, and supplies in many states across India. SVS uPVC Casing pipes are non-corrosive and ensures longer life. Its light weight and thus easy to handle and transport. SVS Casing uPVC Pipes have a life span of 30 - 50 years and doesn’t impact color, taste or odour of water during its life span.SVS Casing uPVC Pipe plant is located at Durgavati- Dict. Kaimur, Bihar. SVS uPVC Casing Pipes are highly resistant to almost all acids, corrosive liquids & gases.

SVS PIPES is proud to be known as one of the Best Quality uPVC Casing pipemanufacturer in India.

Plain Pipes

These casing pipes can be used as extension pipes to screen pipes. They are of two types:
• C.S. Pipe: For shallow depths upto 80 meters
• C.M Pipe: For medium depths upto 250 meters

Screen Pipes

• These type of types may be plain or ribbed. They have transverse slots and are mainly used in bore wells from the water table level onwards.

Ribbed Screen Pipes

• These type of pipes have longitudinal ribs transverse slots. They keep granulated soil away and increase the durability and the life of the pipe.


• Potable water supply Schemes
• Domestic/Industrial Borewells
• Waste Reservoir Systems
• Irrigation
• Agriculture Pump set Suction and Delivery Pipes


• Proven performance
• Hot and cold water support
• No combustion
• Low thermal conductivity
• No bacterial growth inside the pipe
• UV resistance
• Sturdy & Long lasting
• Leak proof joints
• Light weight
• ISO standard
Brand SVS
Name uPVC Casing Pipe
Material uPVC
Type Socketed pipe with thread ended
Grade CS & CM
Color Blue
Range 63 mm to 200 mm outer diameter
Pressure rating 2” to 8” outer nominal diameter (ND)
Length 3 meter
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